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Which company will I get the loan the fastest – company review

A loan in 15 minutes. Even a layperson who comes into contact with loans only in advertisements can very often meet with this term. The one who has some experience knows that the time it takes to get a loan can be different and, if next time he decides to take out a loan, he will familiarize himself with the sets of payday loans and carefully read the terms of the loan.

Where is the famous 15 minutes from?

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This time usually (but not always!) Refers to the time of issuing the loan decision, i.e. the time when the loan will be granted to us and in the light of the law we will become borrowers. This is indeed the case – the processes of analyzing the applicant’s creditworthiness and verification of the data contained in the application are carried out automatically, so in fact, as long as the applicant meets the conditions, the loan decision can be issued “immediately”.

Express verification without transfer – in which companies?

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The most commonly used applications used to confirm customer data are the Instantor, Jaijaji as well as Jerah and Jaijai applications. The customer using such an application at the very beginning must choose the bank in which he has an account, and then provide the login and password for his account in the bank that he provided in the application. The connection for this activity is encrypted, so no one will gain access to this data. They themselves are not stored or processed anywhere. The case looks a bit different in the case of Jaijaji – in this application you have to traditionally log in to your account via the website when submitting the application.

A loan company and a bank account

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The speed of withdrawing money, but also the speed of making the verification transfer, also depends on which banks these transfers are made with. Customers who have accounts in the banks listed in the list can count on the fastest loan if they choose the company that suits them. Wonga was omitted from the list. Why? It’s a company that has accounts in virtually all available banks, so there should be no problem with virtually any transfer.

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